Co-production pilot in Toomebridge

Community Development and Health Network (CDHN) and Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council together with people from the Toomebridge area have been involved in a socially innovative co-production project.
Since October 2015 Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council through its Joint Working Arrangements Steering Group (JWA) with the Public Health Agency (PHA) and Northern Health and Social Care Trust (NHSCT) and the Northern Health and Social Care Board (NHSCB) have been investing in a co-production pilot in Toomebridge. This project has been developed over a period of 2 years it has a co-production focus and has relied on 6 principles of co-production throughout its development.

  • Recognising people as assets
  • Building on people’s existing capabilities
  • Promoting mutuality and reciprocity
  • Developing peer networks
  • Breaking down barriers between professionals and recipients
  • Facilitating rather than delivering

The project has engaged with 29 people some of whom had little or no previous involvement within their community. Through CDHN’s Community Health Champion programme the group have gone on to establish themselves as the Duneane Collective. This training programme was the catalyst that brought the community and statutory partners together. They built trust and relationships began to develop which has enabled the community to view The Council differently but also how they see their role within the community and their relationships to each other. It has demonstrated to the The Council and other statutory partners that there is great merit in engaging with communities differently.
The Duneane Collective have developed an asset map of their area, a health and wellbeing catalogue, established a Timebanking working group, organised a community spirit day, managed their own budget and designed their own logo and vision statement. They are currently planning ways in which they can address health and wellbeing issues that they as a group have identified as important for their community.

Collective member comment on their involvement in co-production pilot.

“You can be part of the solution to some of the problems in your area as opposed to accepting the status quo…….it has given me hope…..”


Co-producing inclusive, vibrant dementia-challengers events in Scotland

Helen Bevan’s inspiring film about how she (and others) imagine the future of health and social care is mentioned in Gill Philip’s “Whose Shoes?” blog about creating dementia training in Scotland.

Politics and things that citizens care about

“You’d almost think the British political establishment wants us to believe that only things that they care about (trade deals, spying, weapons manufacture, protecting financial services) are ‘proper’ and ‘important’ politics. You might get the impression that things that citizens care about (affordable housing, decent pensions, decent jobs, reasonable electricity bills) are self-indulgent whimsy, far removed from the appropriate concerns of a ‘proper’ system of national management.” ~ Robin McAlpine, Director, Reid Foundation, on the purpose of the Common Weal campaign for Scotland.

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Scottish Campaign on Welfare Reform: A Manifesto for Change

“Our social security system is badly in need of reform. It is time for a system which prevents poverty, treats people with dignity and respect and supports everyone to flourish.” (The Scottish Campaign on Welfare Reform was set up in 2006 and is a coalition of key third sector organisations, faith groups, trade unions and individuals from across Scotland, working together to campaign for a fairer social security system.)

Scottish Co-production Network event report: Sharing our Strengths, Stretching our Vision

On April 23rd 2014 the Scottish Co-production Network brought together over 200 attendees, partners and workshop presenters in Edinburgh for the 3rd National Co-production Conference, to share experiences and discuss the future of the co-production in Scotland. Keynote speakers Alex Neil MSP (Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing) and Professor Jim McGoldrick (Chair of the Joint Improvement Team partnership board) introduced the day and a wealth of people gave workshops from both across the country and across sectors. To sum up the day and give a proper taste of the event, a report has been published featuring pictures, videos, graphics and tweets from the day. You can check it out here.