NHS Cardiff hackday

On the 24th and 25th January, the NHS ran a hackday in Cardiff, organised by the fantastic Anne-Marie Cunningham. A lot of fun was had by all and some of the projects are still being developed. Here is John Greensway’s excellent writeup.



Knowing me, knowing you: a learning exchange between national and local organisations addressing health inequalities

Here’s an interesting report – interesting not only for its contents but for the collaborative way in which it was compiled. Some lessons here perhaps for our Prudent Healthcare strategy – and its implementation. The report emphasises the importance of: building social capital, working with the third sector, communities co-creating and co-delivering services, harnessing community assets and using place-based approaches. Community-led health approaches have empowerment at their core, establishing the priorities of communities and, together with communities, developing ways of addressing these priorities. Moreover community-led health organisations tend to have the knowhow and experience when it comes to building people’s confidence and skills to enable them to take part in improving the health of their communities. Community-led approaches also help to tackle power inequalities that can only be challenged if people have control over their lives and what happens in their communities.


Wales’ answer to Gareth Malone (only better)…

David Jones knows a thing or two about the relationship between well-being, inclusion and the arts – and he’s a co-pro fan. This glorious combination has produced the Cor Cwmni Teg Choir – The Good Company Choir – set up with residents of Tegfan Care Home in Aberdare and visitors to the neighbouring day centre. It’s proving to be an inspirational route to health, happiness and wellbeing…  (Read all about it in this article.)


Their next (free) concert will be at Ysbyty Cwm Cynon in May, in the foyer. If you’d like to come along, get in touch with David at contact@djassociates.org.uk

C4CC Co-production Group: new members wanted

The Coalition for Collaborative Care (C4CC) Co-production Group is a group of organisations, working together to improve support for people with long term conditions and is looking for new members to join. The group works with the C4CC central team and partners to influence and co-design the work of C4CC. If you are interested in joining please find more details here.


New research in Scotland – addressing causes vs changing behaviours

New research suggests that initiatives aimed at addressing the structural causes of health inequalities in Scotland are far more effective than those aimed at changing individual behaviours. This is important information to inform new social investments.


Guardian article on social prescriptions

This article details a range of creative ‘social prescription’ initiatives to improve health and wellbeing. Examples include the House of Memories in Liverpool for those suffering with dementia and Health Cornwall which has provided funding for all manner of creative activities.



Pharmacies: a healthy dose of listening to users

It’s a busy time for pharmacies. Many of us are turning to pharmacies for something to fight off seasonal sniffles, or to help with New Year’s resolutions, like losing weight or quitting smoking. But it’s also an interesting time for the community pharmacy landscape in general, with debates currently underway about the future role of pharmacies and how they link to other health services. “It’s more important than ever that pharmacy users are heard and involved along the way. This is essential to ensure that any changes to pharmacy services will actually benefit all local users.”