Design in the public sector: how design can be useful to policymakers

The value of design for policy makers lies in its role to link policy vision to implementation on the ground. The thinking and research tools associated with design enable policymakers to gather data and make sense of the root causes and the connections. The elements of facilitation associated with design can help stimulate individual and group creativity and, finally, the concepts, graphics and maps allow us to make experience tangible and to make the services associated with any policy attractive and appealing. Via Design Council.


The link between design and care

Design Council is launching a major design programme to improve the quality of care. “We have added years to our lives, but now we need to add life to our years. Design for Care will require the collaboration of designers, public and private sector bodies, and the third sector.”

Why civil servants need design skills

New York civil servant Dave Seliger believes better public services start with teaching civil servants to design. Working with Parsons School of Design he runs Civic Service, an organisation that’s changing how government in the US designs and delivers public services.

~ Via Design Council.

5 of the world’s most ‘generous’ public spaces

Remarkable examples of beautiful and truly generous design, places designed for people to use, enjoy and improve – at no cost and for no profit.  “To do things like this, you have to give people the benefit of the doubt. And if you do, people will respond positively. In this case the benefit of being created by the community really works.” – Wayne Hemingway

A better A&E: a design project

A better A&E: a design project
Emergency departments are high pressure environments, focused on delivering care in the most efficient manner. As a consequence, the human and emotional aspects of care are often neglected. PearsonLloyd offered a programme of design solutions that inform and guide patients through their time in the department, as well as working staff to support their interactions with frustrated and aggressive patients.

Dott Cornwall

Dott Cornwall“Dott Cornwall is bringing together local communities and world-class designers to work on projects that improve how we live, work and play.Cornwall has a long and significant history of creativity and ingenuity. Dott is tapping into this, building networks and celebrating local design expertise. Dott projects are also bringing new skills, new opportunities and new clients into the county.The programme has three key objectives: to deliver a series of design-led projects with local communities; to lead a design and innovation skills programme; to celebrate the ingenuity and creative strengths of Cornwall.”