Inaugural Meeting: North Wales Social Value Forum Steering Group

A group of like-minded and motivated individuals from across third, independent and statutory sectors have joined forces in North Wales to explore how to promote social value in public services.

This Steering Group met for the first time in November 2016 and began to explore how North Wales’ partners can:

  1. i) Promote the development of not for private profit organisations (including social enterprises, co-operative organisations, co-operative arrangements, user led services and the third sector) to provide care and support and support for carers, and preventative services. A duty placed on Local Authorities and their Health Board partners under Part 2, section 16 of the Social Services & Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014
  1. ii) Promote collaboration with an aim of maximising social value and coproduction(the involvement of people for whom care & support or preventative services are to be provided, in the design and operation of that provision) across all sector providers delivering health, social care and/or wellbeing services in North Wales

We intend to meet every 4 – 6 weeks and will agree a Terms of Reference and annual Work Programme.

We actively want to engage with citizens and providers, to develop local community based forums and wish to have a role in supporting and co-ordinating any of the existing great work that is ongoing in each county.

A key objective will be to share learning across the region, we have gratefully accepted an invitation offered by Cwm Taf Social Value Forum to learn together and share developments. We have also made links with Co-Production Network Wales and the Wales Co-operative Centre’s Care to Co-operate project in order to share asset maps and best practice.

Call to share knowledge & expertise:

We have been reviewing the Code of Practice to support Part 2 of the Social Services & Wellbeing Act and are considering our definition of ‘social value’. We understand that there are many definitions that range in context from public sector procurement definitions to those which focus on additional wellbeing benefits and increasing social capital.

If you would like to share your definition, to support us to develop ours, or would like to make other links with our steering group or please contact Maria Bell.