Co-production, co-operatives & Cartrefi

Adrian Roper is one of our Associate Directors – and a thorough-going champion of co-production, co-operatives and mutuals. He’s also the CEO of Cartrefi Cymru, a not-for-profit organisation that supports people to lead fulfilled lives – people with disabilities, autism, challenging behaviour, older people – and provides breaks for carers.

Cartrefi are taking a lead on citizen-led approaches in a whole range of ways.

  • They are providing a Floating Support Service in Brecon using systems thinking which focuses on identifying what the service user actually wants and needs, with a strong emphasis on articulating this in their own words, rather than following professional prescriptions and pathways.
  • They’re facilitating the development of a multi-stakeholder co-operative in Llandrindod, bringing together people with learning disabilities, families and support staff in the town to raise their confidence and expectations and capacity to make their lives better through mutual self help.
  • They co-founded the Mid Wales Social Co-operative Consortium as a registered body with the primary purpose of bringing agencies and citizens together to develop new, inclusive ways of achieving well-being for people with social care needs.
  • They’re pioneering a highly effective new approach to ‘Active Support’ for people with learning disabilities. This is based on principles of ‘doing with’, not ‘doing for’, and a strong focus on enabling individuals to have more choice and control over their lives through confidence building, skills development, experiential learning,starting from their strengths and interests.
  • Cartrefi have made an organisational promise to respect service users’ rights and responsibilities as tenants, citizens and ‘co-workers’, and to enable them to enjoy these actively rather than passively.
  • And they are kindly sharing their offices and resources with us in Co-pro Wales. How lovely is that!

For more information about their wondrousness, visit their website: