ABCD and Making the Invisible Visible

Like other strengths-based approaches, co-production is based on an appreciation that‘Every single person has capacities, abilities and gifts. Living a good life depends on whether those capacities can be used, abilities expressed and gifts given.’ That’s a quote from a passionate TEDx talk ‘ABCD & Making the invisible visibleby community worker DeAmon Harges from Indianapolis. Harges’ role is ‘to listen and discover the gifts, passions and dreams of citizens in his community, and to find ways to utilize them in order to build community, economy and mutual “delight.”’ The bulk of his work is based on the principles and practices of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute (ABCD) that brings neighbours and institutions together, builds on what is already present in the neighbourhood, using those formally undiscovered assets to connect and empower rather than working only from the community’s needs and deficits’.