The 21st Century Public Servant

A report by Dr Catherine Needham and Catherine Mangan with support from Helen Dickinson, Liz Haydon from the Public Service Academy and funding from the ESRC.
The 21st Century Public Servant …
….is a municipal entrepreneur, undertaking a wide range of roles
….engages with citizens in a way that expresses their shared humanity and
pooled expertise
….is recruited and rewarded for generic skills as well as technical expertise
…..builds a career which is fluid across sectors and services
….combines an ethos of publicness with an understanding of commerciality
… rethinking public services toenable them to survive an era of permaausterity
….needs organisations which are fluid and supportive rather than silo-ed and
….rejects heroic leadership in favour of distributed and collaborative models of
….is rooted in a locality which frames a sense of loyalty and identity
….reflects on practice and learns from that of others