We need to stop thinking that government changes won’t affect us

By Emily Howlett on The Limping Chicken
“We are in danger of waddling blindly up to the big humans who have all the power but look friendly. They steal our attention towards the tiny morsel of good news in their left hand, and we never notice the musket in their right.
In fact, we are so easily distracted that it doesn’t even have to be good news; we can’t help but forget about the comparatively insignificant changes happening close to home when we are being constantly bombarded by horrific news and images from around the world.
I’m not saying we shouldn’t care about the wider world. But we need to stop being quite so blasé about our own lives. We need to work together, we need to educate ourselves and each other. We need forums and voices and, sorry to be the one to say it, but we need to listen more carefully.
And, more than any of this, you all need to stop thinking like me. You need to stop thinking it won’t affect you, or that you’re only one person and you can’t do anything. Find out what is happening in your world, and if you don’t like it, find out how you can help stop it.
Don’t just let it slide, until that very last bird has been shot. After all, there would have been an easier way to bring back the dodos than DNA cloning; just never to have let them die out in the first place.
Be less dodo. Be more you. Let’s do this.”