National Theatre Wales’ Assembly programme is developing into a new, three-year programme of work called The Big Democracy Project, which will explore how art and creativity can play a part in helping communities across Wales re-engage with the democratic process.
For the first year of the The Big Democracy Project, National Theatre Wales will work across Wales holding four Assemblies as it has previously done: proposed and organised by local communities, voted for by the public – and at their core will be a discussion on how we can create the Wales we want. But where previous Assemblies could be on any subject dear to the bidder’s heart, the Big Democracy Project will focus on local political issues with a national, or even global relevance.
Assembly proposals could explore issues like cuts and austerity measures, immigration, climate change, or education. And crucially, an emphasis will be made on action – what can we do to move us closer to the Wales we want?
All four Assemblies will be streamed online, meaning a UK-wide and international audience will be able to follow and even engage with each conversation. For the Big Democracy Project, National Theatre Wales aims to: ask big questions about our democracy; help Wales imagine the future it wants; make a real change to the lives of people in Wales and beyond; instigate action through art.