Can public services co-operate? 

Andrew Green writes on the Bevan Foundation website
An interesting article in the wake of the Williams report, with perhaps a slightly pessimistic view, but which ends on this positive note: ” in the right circumstances co-operation between public services can work much more effectively than the Williams report appears to believe.  It depends critically, though, on the presence of key cultural and leadership assets, the greatest of which is the ability to trust other people, and by extension other organisations.  Trust is one of the three sides of Sennett’s ‘social triangle’ of what he calls the ‘old economy’.  He quotes William James as saying that when we trust we are ready ‘to act in a cause the prosperous issue of which is not certified to us in advance’, and he himself likens trust to tools ‘you are willing to use even though you don’t quite know how they work’.  Trusting others in co-operative endeavour can be a way not just of achieving what you can’t achieve alone, but of taking a step into the unknown, of nurturing innovation in a climate of uncertainty.” Do check out the whole article and post a comment.