Andrew Jenks, Room 335 (film)

Oh my goodness, Nick Andrews has got the knack of sharing videos that don’t leave a dry eye in the house! Nick attended a British Society for Gerontology conference recently, where one of the keynote speakers showed clips from a documentary film about a 19-year-old who went to live in a US care home. He says: “It’s a fab film that you may want to look up. There’s lots of classic moments, not least a gentle play fight between Andrew and an older guy in the home, which to me is a refreshing take on what I understand to be ‘dignity in care’. The keynote speaker at the conference was Helen Small. She is a Professor of English Literature in Oxford University and her talk was about what the discipline of Humanities could bring into the world of social care, where the technical and clinical all too often dominate. Do please share this link with colleagues.” Here’s the film website and here’s the trailer on YouTube.